10 Movies That You Could Watch Over & Over Again Forever

*robot voice* The following listicle includes movies that can not only be watched over and over again, but can be played for viewing purpose during any occasion purely because they’re all really cool movies. Intended for entertainment purposes only.

Forget the classics already, you’ve probably watched them a billion times and – I can predict the future – will watch them a billion more. I mean, Mean Girls, The Breakfast Club, The Princess Diaries? Why not fast forward for just a little while? And if they’re not good enough, your CDs will still be safe and sound for another rematch – hopefully, this time with an additional two movies from below.

Les Misérables

Preferably the 2012 version with Eddie Redmayne, Hugh Jackman, and Anne Hathway because, well, it’s a little [lottle, actually] more well done. Despite the fact that I [Shar] dislike musicals, it was a beautiful PG-13 movie that captured the French agony back in the old days. Do not – I repeat – do not, trust me, be deceived by its 7.6/10 IMDb rating and 69% Rotten Tomatoes rating, you won’t regret watching it – at least once.


Some people watched this movie for Chris Evans, and loved it for little and well-acted Mckenna Grace. The relationship between the child prodigy and uncle in the simple movie makes you teary and perhaps a little starry-eyed somewhere in the middle. Its 7.7/10 and 68% ratings do have a point, though, the PG-13 movie does fall in effect as some aspects aren’t well covered – but you’ll be watching it again. Also, I dare you not to recommend it to someone else.

Mission: Impossible

Oh, forget the sappy, cheesy stuff, you want something that has you on the edge of your seats? I present to you: Tom Cruise‘s endless recklessness as Ethan Hunt – along with the sarcastic flair brought to you by “Benji” and “William Brandt”. Please don’t tell me you haven’t watched at least one of the five movies already, they make action spy thriller history! Usually rated around 7.3/10 and 67 – 93%, the also PG-13 movie is a must-recommend for a movie playlist on repeat – and if you find the theme song stuck in your head, don’t blame me. ;D

Fast & Furious

We’ve all heard of this one and rewatching the seven movies is perhaps painful after what happened to Paul Walker, but its some of the best we’ve got – especially with Dwayne Johnson around. And then there’s the sassy Jason Statham‘s appearance [speaking of whom, you should try out the Transporter movies]. With a consistent rating around 7/10 and 79%, the movie is – excuse the punny reference – a blast.

San Andreas

If you liked 2012, I wouldn’t know what to say about this film, because I haven’t watched 2012 [don’t judge me]. I’m guessing it can be classified in the same genre, except with high class acting. With the right speakers, you’ll feel like you’re in the movie albeit way safer. Ratings? A good 6.1/10, but it scored a mere 48% *sad face* from Rotten Tomatoes.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Alright, don’t give me that look – I know I said no classics, and you’re probably going to give me that look again for the next one – but Johnny Depp is…*cue rant in fast forward*. I can’t even say Johnny Depp, he’s all Captain Jack Sparrow in this one. If I go into the ratings, you’ll give me a “duh, of course” look next, so I’ll just skip instead. *stage-whispers* WATCH THEM ALL.

Charlie & Chocolate Factory

The 2005 version of this book-adapted childrens’ classic movie is – and will always remain – a hit that you can just keep watching. Also, you might want to stock up on chocolate and candy or you’ll just be staring at the screen with your mouth open at this family-friendly 6.7/10 and 83% rated pure awesomeness.


COME OVER TO THE MARVEL SIDE, WE HAVE BUCKIES. You just can’t not watch it more than once, it’s inevitable. Legends are what the actors are, each one of them. Always rated 7 to 8/10 and and upto 93%, this action-packed cool movie series will leave you believing that “blood is just red sweat” [Nick Fury, y’all], after all.


Trust me, nobody wants to bring up just one Disney animated movie without mentioning the absolute godliness of the others’ – Frozen, Despicable Me, Cars, Ratatouille, you name it. But, they’ve been mentioned enough times, let’s talk Moana. There’s just too much depth and adventure in this movie – not to mention The Rock‘s voice – that you might just shrug and watch it [accidentally] a few million more times – oopsie! 7.7/10 and 96% of oceanic awe and catchy songs.

Bridge to Terabithia

I had to contemplate for hours on whether or not to include this one, it’s just too overused in movie listicles, isn’t it? But, overused or not, it makes you cry at some point or the other. And the innocence of the kids in this movie is heart-wrenching when *mute on due to spoilers*. Forget 7.2/10, forget 85%, let your imagination do all the work.

Yours Randomly,
Frankie & Shar





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