Jump over the social anxiety hurdle with this fancy app!

Everyone has anxiety, right? We’re socially anxious about something or the other at least once in our life [alright, maybe not Jason Grace or Tony Stark or someone like that, they don’t have SOCIAL anxiety], and that’s exactly the reason why Fabian Ehlert discovered Steps: Beat Social Anxiety, putting together a few socially challenging tasks for people like, well, us.

I [Shar] am personally a person who is always anxious. Period. But, social anxiety had reflected badly upon me a while ago which is why I downloaded this app and, having used it for a while now, am reviewing it. Social anxiety has this weird habit of taking its toll on you in the worst of times. And I may be no expert at curing it [or even reviewing an app about it], but here we go.

Steps [last updated March 30, 2017 to version 1.1] is designed to be a vibrant and wacky – yet highly appealing and intriguing – interface that comforts the craziest and shiest of personalities. It consists of seven categories that you can choose challenges from and the colorful designs just make them more fun to do. It is compatible with Apple products [the usual iPhone, iPad and iPod touch] with iOS 10.0 or later – no age limitations at all [except for some challenges, I’m pretty sure kids can’t exactly take their co-worker for a walk, so take a classmate instead].

The categories [ooh, these are fun]:

  • SOMETHING NEW: [For example.] Download Steps [booyah, I completed this one first, haha!], Cook a new and different dish for dinner, Visit a place you’ve never been to, Visit a country you’ve never been to, and Attend a sports class you haven’t tried.
  • FRIENDSHIPS [my personal favourite]

Each of these categories have interesting challenges that challenge your social anxiety and have small descriptions of suggestions you could do. Some of these challenges can also be done by people who just want to try something new, which is fantastic. Except they’re also repeated in the categories which, considering the lack of the number of challenges altogether, is kind of a disadvantage once you’re done with all the challenges and it doesn’t really begin in small steps, but it’s highly encouraging.

But, oh my, it is super easy and fun to use! You get to save all the challenges you’re thinking of doing and the app offers to notify you frequently enough so that you’re not neglecting them due to the ever-growing social anxiety. It even throws confetti all over the screen of your device when you’ve completed one and lets your share your experience! That made me really happy.


Compared to apps like Youper, it’s not as personalized and perhaps doesn’t cover all aspects of everything social anxiety actually results in, but it’s still as good as it could get and I’d tell you to just give it a try [like I did when I took up the challenge of saying good morning to the first three people I see…that was a happy start to a good day]. Besides, it’s free, y’all – no hustle, no complications, just steps towards a less socially anxious life.

Yours Randomly,


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